Frequently Asked Questions

Who is DeeperDive Learning (DDL)?

 DeeperDive Learning, Inc., founded in 2015, engages and deepens learning through interactive online professional development for educators. DeeperDive’s flagship product, EdQuest, is an innovative library of courses for educators seeking a highly personal learning experience that elegantly fuses the learning, doing, and sharing needed for deepened learning resulting in enhanced classroom learning practices and positive shifts in mindsets.

What is asynchronous, personalized PD?

  Asynchronous, personalized learning allows you to learn at your own pace independent of other learners. Personalized learning also provides the learner with choices throughout the experience to create personal meaning by interacting with the content.

How do I get started?

After you purchase a course here, wait for an email from  Open the email, and click on the link to accept and register for your course.  Once you accept your email invitation to join a course, simply go into the Experience Now area on the screen and you will immediately become involved in the course. You may want to create an avatar or upload a picture of yourself next to your name.

Does this work on all Internet browsers?

Yes, our courses work well with any internet browser.

Does this work on all mobile devices?

This course is available from any internet connected mobile device, allowing you the freedom to be anywhere anytime to work on the course.

How do I retrieve my password?

Once you accept the invite to the course, you will be prompted to create a unique password. If you forget it, click the forgot password link, then check your email for instructions.

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When does my year begin and end?

All courses are sold for a one-year subscription.  Your year begins as soon as you purchase the course and receive your login information. It ends exactly a year from that date.

How can I receive college credit for this course?

Click on the link for College Credit Option in the menu bar above for more information about this option.  

How do I pay for this course?

Select a course, then add it to your cart.  When you are finished shopping, simply click on the shopping cart icon and follow the prompts to pay for your course.

How can I receive professional development points/credit for this course?

This process varies from state to state and district to district.  Please consult with your professional development officials for your district or school to ensure that your desired course will qualify according to their criteria.  A certificate of completion, as well as a link to an evidence based portfolio, is provided upon successful completion of each course.  The link to the portfolio can be found on the "My Projects" page of the course.  We would be happy to provide additional information upon request.

How many of the course credits are specifically related to students with disabilities?

 There are activities and concepts for inclusion of students of all abilities and ages. Every course is inclusive of all students, including students with disabilities and academically gifted students. About half of the content and activities of each course applies directly to students with special needs found in inclusion classroom.  Check with your district or school to determine if the course selected will apply to any specific SWD requirements.

How do I get help if I have a question?

If need help with a question, simply click on the question mark under the course expert's picture in each tile. Type the question and submit. You will receive a reply via email to your question within 24 hours.  If you need an immediate response, ask your peers in the Connect section by posting a question. Archived questions and responses are posted in the Community section for your review. For technical support a link is provided at the bottom of the login page to enter a support ticket.

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How can I collaborate with others?

You are encouraged to collaborate with others throughout the experience through the Connect section. You can like others’ entries, comment on them, and ask questions. The Connect section also allows you to upload images and video as well as text. Every interaction earns you points on the Leaderboard.

What is the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard displays the top 10 point earners in each course. Check to see how you are doing compared to your colleagues! Social interaction always makes the learning more interesting! 

How can I track my learning?

You can track your learning in a number of different ways throughout the course. Go to the My Projects section (upper right of the screen) anytime to check your progress toward your completed project. Course tiles on the main page fill in as you complete activities as well.

Why track my mindset?

Research tells us that our mindsets, made up of beliefs and practices, actually impact our overall performance in the classroom. As you work through the mindset after Tile 1 and again after Tile 9, be honest with your answers. The hope is that your mindset will change as a result of your learning and experiences in every DeeperDive Learning course.

What device is required to take this course?

This course may be taken on any device (including your phone), though for best visibility and utility, it is best used on laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.

Do I have to buy apps to complete a course?

The apps covered in this course are either free or have free trials. There are NO app purchases required to complete the activities associated with the course.